2015 Men's and Women's 50km USATF Nationals 11/22/2015 "Santee, CA" Page 11 of 11

There have been 11 finishers thus far. One man and three women remain on course. It's no longer a race for place. That is already predetermined by their position and laps completed. None of the three women are on the same lap. Once everone finishes, there will be joy all around for racers, officials and spectators alike.

Dave McGovern determinedly approaches finish line, sans towels, in 5:58:22 or 11:33 per mile.

Katie Grimes finishes in 6:03:34 or 11:43 per mile; 2nd woman.

Carmen Jackinsky is so happy in 6:26:18 or 12:26 per mile; 3rd woman.

And, yes, Darlene Backlund in 7:01:21 (hand-timed on three separate watches), 4th woman. Yah! World age group record (after certification)! 70 years old!

Darlene got some help for cramping from hubby John and winner Erin.

USATF champions: Darlene Backland (4th), Kathryn Grimes (2nd), Erin Taylor-Talcott (1st) and Carmen Jackinsky (3rd). WOW!

Darlene sings the praises.

They all deserve our applause! Thank you.

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