Until recently there were very few race walking books available. By scanning down this page, you can see that has certainly changed. Salvage, Seaman, and Bohlen have created books, and DVDs for every level race walker.

Photo Stories is proud to present many exclusive photo stories. Since 2000, we have personally driven or flown to many elite races around the world. Although we are often restricted from showing video, we hope the many photographys and commentary bring the race alive for you.

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Eilite Profiles

Our sport's history has many colorful characters. Explore the stats and stories of America's (USA) elite race walkers. Personal demographics, PR's, national rankings, national championships, international competitions, and of course a story is presented for most elite race walkers since the 1960's.

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Performance Lists

Now maintained by Dave Talcott (big thanks!) we are happy to reproduce the current performance lists for USA's men's 20km, men's 50km, women's 20km, and women's 50km race walkers.


Race walkers amble a lot faster than most people realize. Check out the men's and women's records for the USA and the world.


There are a great many people who have given so much to the sport of race walking, yet they are rarely recognized. While this list is not complete, here are a few of the people who make our sport what it is today.

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Ohio Race Walker Archive

Many thanks go to Jack Mortland for donating his archive of a treasure of our sport, Ohio Race Walker. For a long time before there was an Internet, Jack's tireless efforts to track all that went on in race walking in the USA was, and still is, recorded in Ohio Race Walker. With the tireless efforts of Dave Talcott, they were all scanned in and are available here for your reading pleasure.

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