2015 Men's and Women's 50km USATF Nationals 11/22/2015 "Santee, CA" Page 6 of 11

The answer for meeting the OG entry standard of 4:03:00 comes now. At the time of the race it was unknown that IAAF would change the OG qualifying standard to 4:06:00. The change occurred four days after the race on Thanksgiving, but the information took two weeks to finally percolate with an IAAF announcement on December 10, 2015. For Nick Christie, he realized during the race that he could not finish in 4:03:00, so he finished in an eased-off 4:11:48; the thinking at the time was that if you miss OG by a couple of minutes, you might as well miss it by a dozen. He took off almost 13 minutes from his very first 50K (4:24:45 at 8:32 per mile)last December. He will be pointing to the February 21 Olympic Trials (OT) and might make the Olympic team with John Nunn. How exciting!

Caio Bonfim (11, Brazil) finishes 1st in 50K with time of 4:01:42 or 7:47 per mile.

Caio Bonfim's time meets the Olympic qualifying standard of 4:03:00 by well over one minute. He is thankful for his time.

Even if he shows exhaustion from the stifling heat of the noon hour.

John Nunn finishes 2nd in 4:03:40 or 7:51 per mile. Did he miss the OG by a mere 40 seconds? Turns out NO! OG standard changed to 4:06:00 days later.

Nick Christie is entering the bell lap. He had been aiming for the 4:03:00 magic number but realized at some point that he would fall short and slowed down so as not to drain his reserves. At the time he was content to wait until the OT on February 21, 2016 where should be recuperated.

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