2015 Men's and Women's 50km USATF Nationals 11/22/2015 "Santee, CA" Page 9 of 11

Thus far there have been seven finishers in the 4-hour range. Now the over-5-hour finishers take center stage. How many will finish in under 6:00:00? Will double-towel, on-course therapy yield finishing results?

Erin's ponytail is getting some action as the finish line approaches.

Erin hits the finish line banner with a world-record-to-be time of 5:02:48 or 9:45 per mile. Women started 50K one minute later so clock time is consistent.

Matthew Forgues approaches finish line.

Matthew finishes in 5:04:23 or 9:48 per mile, 8th man overall, 5th American.

Matthew hits the banner less than a minute behind Erin.

Erin collects some shade sitting down. Whew! Nick Christie, behind timer's table, is catching up on social media.

Dave Talcott is approaching finish line and will finish in 5:06:14 or 9:52 per mile.

Dave McGovern is using double towel therapy on head and neck. Pretty cool.

Carmen too has resorted to double towel therapy.

Pablo approaches the finish line and looking handsome without the towel.

Pablo Gomez finishes in 5:22:57 or 10:24 per mile, 10th man overall, 7th American.

Dave McGovern gets some encouragement.

It's been a long, hot day for Dave, now down to one towel.

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