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The bulk of the races are finishing now. There will be some good times for the 10K and 20K. The fastest elites will be toying with finishing under 4:03:00. How many will there be?

Both Miranda and Katie show Olympic potential and could very well make the team in 2016. Their 20K is just a training jaunt at a sub 7:55 per mile pace. Miranda has already met the OG standard and needs to just finish the 20K at the OT on June 30 in Salem, OR.

Sandor Racz blitzed the course to win the 20K in 1:28:33 or 7:08 per mile.

Rachel Seaman finishes 1st female in 20K with a modest 1:37:03 or 7:49 per mile for training, and pacing Nick (far left) in his bid for the 4:03 OG qualifying standard.

Anthony Peters collapsed at the finish shortly after Rachel and had a 20K time of 1:37:44 or 7:52 per mile. He's still a teenager!

Peters did later recover. Miranda and Katie finished less than 10 seconds later. Days after this event, IAAF announced the OG 20K-women-entry standard was changed from 1:35 to 1:36. Prospects for OG team USA are brightening.

Finish line personnel quickly came to assistance of Peters. No EMT required.

Coach Tim smiles and listens to Miranda's post-race animated discussion. Rachel and Natos appear satisfied.

If only the camera had a microphone there...

Elites have loss of contact not visible ""to the human eye.""

John Nunn reaches half way point (20 laps) in well under 2:00:00. What are prospects for a sub 4:03:00 to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics? This might be a last hurrah. It's 10:54 am and getting warmer. Nick would reach half way in under 2:01:00 and still on pace to meet the OG entry standard.

Likewise Erin Taylor-Talcott is approaching two hours, but still has 23 laps to go.

Samir Cesar Sabadin (25, Brazil) receives a yellow paddle for bent knee with 19 laps to go. On different laps Forgues and Matthews trail.

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