2015 Men's and Women's 50km USATF Nationals 11/22/2015 "Santee, CA" Page 7 of 11

The top four men finished within about ten minutes of each other. The 11 others are going to be finishing over the next three hours. The heat is starting to take its toll once the athletes cross the finish line. Sudden stopping can lead to instant leg cramps and horizontal positioning of the body on the ground, or better yet on the massage table.

Erin still has 6 laps to go. Her time will be the de facto world record according to IAAF rules.

John Nunn's daughter Ella is no longer that kid who made cookies.

Eder Sanchez is in massage therapy. He paced the group of four for quite a while, but fell off and finished 3rd overall in 4:07:46 or 7:59 per mile.

Katie Grimes bravely moves ahead and has 9 laps to go.

Nick Christie finished 4th overall and 2nd American in 4:11:48 or 8:07 per mile. Time to dial in to social media. No distracted race walking for him.

Cooler heads prevail as Pedro Gomez is determined to finish all 40 laps despite the extreme heat. Last December he called it quits at 13 laps.

Samir Cesar Sabadin heads to finish line.

Here is Samir crossing the timing mat and hitting the waist-high banner. He finished 5th overall in 4:37:57 or 8:57 per mile.

Samir too put forth all he had and collapsed after finishing.

The finish line marked cramp city territory. Must be an infectious disease of long, hot events.

Ice-cold towels and gentle stretching were the first responders methods of choice.

Samir knew enough to turn his head away from the sun.

Samir is prone and silently letting race officials tend to him.

More gentle stretching.

Samir's hand gesture was interpreted as shade please.

The portable shadow maker did his thing.

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