2015 Men's and Women's 50km USATF Nationals 11/22/2015 "Santee, CA" Page 10 of 11

The sub-5-hour finishers get their moment of shared glory. Photo-ops.

Winners Caio Bonfim, 1st overall, and John Nunn, USATF 50K race walk champion.

Medal winners all: Talcott (6th), Forgues (5th), Whatley (4th), Monnazzi (3rd), Christie (2nd) and Nunn (1st).

Top three overall: Nunn (2nd and 1st USA), Bonfin (1st, Brazil), Sanchez (3rd, Mexico)

Brazilian crew had two finishers in top five: Caio Bonfim with flag and Samir Cesar Sabadin, in white, on left.

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