2016 Men's 50km Race Walk Olympics 8/12/2016 "Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil" Page 2 of 12

The race was shaping up into two events, Diniz and everyone else.

Diniz dropped a gear and everyone else. Coming thru at 15km in 1:05:58, he had almost a 1 minute lead on the field.

The lead pack however had nine very capable walkers. Could Diniz sustain his pace? It was still way too early to call this race done.

By 20K Diniz was overpowering the field crossing the split in 1:27:41

The lead pack jockied for position, with Toth and others trying to make a move, but in the end a second or two seperated the pack at 20km in 1:29:04..

Heffernan and Yu briefly chase Toth and Dunfee with the pack in pursuit.

A second pack formed, lead by Italy's Marco De Luca. While these walkers might not challenge for the lead, they could easily swallow most of the lead pack.

As the kilometers passed underfoot, more and more packs were formed.

A random shot of Australia's Chris Erickson having a good day.

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