2016 Men's 50km Race Walk Olympics 8/12/2016 "Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil" Page 4 of 12

And so the real race had begun. Could Dunfee pull away? Was Toth laying in wait? What about Heffernan? Tallent? Arai? Yu? They were all in range to pounce on the least sign of weakness.

The new smaller pack following our leaders.

Others faltered as the pain grew unbearable.

Meanwhile, Ella Nunn lead the USA contingent cheering on her dad and cookie baking partner.

Heffernan, Tallent and Chocho not giving an inch to each other.

Dunfee separates himself from the field trying to bury them with well over 10km to go.

Amazingly, Diniz had no quit in him, he just picked the pace back up with the pack.

Nunn was starting to feel the rising heat and humidity.

Dunfee going for a PR,a Canadian record, and a gold medal!

Dunfee's gold was not to be, at least not if Jared Tallent had anything to say. By 40km, Tallent took command and led in 2:56:54.

A few steps back was Japan's Hirooki Arai.

Toth, Dunfee, and Yu followed in 3rd, 4th and 5th 10 seconds off the lead.

Heffernan was still in the hunt 2 seconds further back.

Diniz almost face planted, but there was no quit in him and he just adjusted and marched forward.

Diniz in raging pain.

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