2016 Men's 50km Race Walk Olympics 8/12/2016 "Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil" Page 3 of 12

By halfway Diniz looked completely in control, but remember the addage, the race hasn't started yet!

Diniz coming thru in 1:49:31 and building on his lead.

Canada's Evan Dunfee taking a turn in the front of the chase pack, a minute and 40 seconds back at halfway.

Although in 55th place at the 25km mark, Nunn was right where he hoped to be, just under two hours in 1:59:29.

Between 25km and 30km the lead pack started to shake up, first it was Japan's Tanii dropped off then Mexico's Nava fell back.

But there were bigger problems afoot. Portugal's Pedro Isidro heaved hard, but amazingly kept going.

Diniz also faltered. It was reported he collapsed and pooped himself. However, in addition to the baggage seen in his shorts, there appears to be blood running down his leg. Amazingly, he carried on.

Canada's Evan Dunfee took advantage and charged into the lead.

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