2016 Men's 50km Race Walk Olympics 8/12/2016 "Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil" Page 5 of 12

With a race full of lead changes, it was impossible to predict what would happen next. We apologize for not covering all the other battles going on, but we are trying to get this story out quickly. We'll add shots of everyone else shortly.

In astonishing speed, Tallent opened up a 22 second lead and was well on his way to hearing the his anthem at the proper time (he was retroactively given a gold medal due to previous post-race drug disqualifications).

Like a spider in a web, Toth pounced forward.

Unfortunately for Tallent, he would be denied again. Toth opened it up all the way and zipped past Tallent.

Toth celebrating early.

1. Matej Toth - Slovakia - 3:40:58

1. Matej Toth - Slovakia - 3:40:58

2. Jarel Tallent - Austrailia - 3:41:16

3. Hirooki Arai - Japan- 3:41:24 (Note there were multiple challenges and appeals related to Arai and Dunfee, but in the end Dunfee dropped the appeal in a classy move!)

4. Evan Dunfee - Canada- 3:41:38

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