2017 Women's 50km 2017 IAAF World Championships "London, England" Page 3 of 7

Our packs stayed strong as the sun rose over the course. The lead pack came through in 1:37:59, a significant negative split. The second pack came through in 1:43:19, a slight negative split and enough to drop Da Rosa who trailed by over a minute at 20km. Randall's pace also slowed by almost 3 minutes over 10km.

Henriques and Yin cruising around the halfway mark.

Burnett and Yang further separating from the trailing walkers/

Da Rosa hanging on.

Randall pacing it out.

Randall pacing it out.

Last looks of the Palace.

Last looks of the Palace.

Pushing past halfway in 2:02:18, Henriques looks like she's the one driving.

Strong and confident!

Yin with a blank stare.

Burnett dreaming of a medal for the USA for the first time since Curt Clausen got the bronze in 1999.

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