2017 Women's 50km 2017 IAAF World Championships "London, England" Page 4 of 7

Given the last-minute timing of adding the women's event, there were some casualties. Women were held to the same cutoff men were. Meaning, if they weren’t on their last lap by 4:17, they wouldn't be allowed to complete the race. This created a new dynamic and a race against the clock for Da Rosa and Randall whose pace put them in danger in not be allowed to complete all 25 laps.

Determined Da Rosa charged forward, embodying the solitude of a race walker with their own personal goals.

By 30K, Yang (2:34:22) surged away from Burnett (2:34:43).

Yang moving into bronze medal position.

Yang moving into bronze medal position.

Burnett was giving up nothing!

Burnett looking strong and in control of her race.

Henriques also pulled past Yin, establishing her dominance on the entire field.

Henriques looking strong.

Yen still had a long way to go for the silver, would Yang and Burnett swallow her up?

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