Calf Stretches

The third stretch is the most aggressive calf stretch included.  We use it to stretch the upper areas of the calf that are not reached by less intensive stretching.  Be sure to use care when first executing this stretch as you can easily overextend your calf if you bounce or move into this position too forcefully.  Unlike the first two calf stretches, the advanced stretch concentrates on the muscles of your upper calf.  You may want to work up to this position by practicing the other stretches for a few weeks first. Once again, you will need a wall or pole for support.

 Following Jack’s example, begin by standing about an arm’s length away from the pole.  (The closer to the wall you stand, the more you stretch the calf.) Place the heel of the first leg close to the bottom of the wall with the toes against it, as if you were trying to step on the pole.  Now keep your leg and back straight and lean into the wall slowly. Being careful not to reach the point of pain, lean into your front leg until you feel moderate tension in your upper calf.  Hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds, then alternate legs.

This is a very intensive stretch.  Do not over stretch.  It is easy to overdo this one.  You may skip this stretch if you are uncomfortable with it.

calf stretch

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