Calf Stretches

The calf is not a single muscle; it’s two, and both muscles need stretching. The previous three positions worked the outer calf muscle.  The Bent Leg Calf Stretch may not feel effective overall initially, but it utilizes an excellent position that stretches deep in the inner calf muscle.

This stretch starts at the position in which you ended the Traditional Calf Stretch.  Place both hands, shoulder high, on a pole or wall in front of your body.  Keep your arms fairly straight with one leg slightly bent under your body. 

Place the heel of your rear leg 1 to 1 1/2 feet behind your body. Notice this is about six inches in front of the placement for the Traditional Calf Stretch.  Keeping your rear leg fairly straight and in a stable position, place the heel of your rear foot on the ground.

Now, keeping your heel planted, bend the rear leg so that your knee drops a few inches closer to the ground.  You should feel a deeper stretch in your calf muscle. While not as pronounced as the other stretches, this one really works! 

calf stretch

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