2013 IAAF World Chamnpionships - Moscow, Russia - Men's 20km Photo Story

Miranda Melville
Miranda Melville

What is the difference to you in making a World Championship team from making World Cup? How does each differ?

The difference from making a World Cup team, and World Championship team, is simply that at the World Championship you are with the entire Track and Field Team, as opposed to being on the World Cup team, it is only the Race Walking event. Being on the World Championship, is a big step before, hopefully, making and Olympic Team. 

Do you feel you fully recovered from your injury? Are you bringing your A game?

I giggle at this question, because I am unsure of which injury you are referring to. This year of training has definitely been a year of adversity. I have never been so injured for a season. My current injury is plantar faciitis. Having the Athletic trainers here on the trip with the USA team has made a huge of difference. I definitely am going to do my best. I think that I have made great progress with my injury, and my Coach, Tim Seaman, say my form looks great. I am feeling confident in my abilities.

What are your goals for this race as an athlete? 

My first goal is always to finish the race. It is a long race, conditions can vary, and anything can happen, so I make a first goal to always just finish the race. My next goal is always to do my best. No one can ever be disappointed if you gave something your best shot. Sure, your best shot may not be exactly the outcome you were hoping for, but no matter what happens, as long as I can finish a race knowing that my performance was the best I could give that day considering any type of circumstance ( i.e. injury) I am usually a happy girl. It would be amazing to have a PR, but I really just want to enjoy my first World Championship team experience and do my best. 

How does it feel to have your coach racing along side you?

I seriously love having Tim here. I feel guilty he is here too! He has a baby and a wife at home, so I am sure he is a bit anxious to get back. I was a bit nervous for this race before going to the pre-camp in Linz, Austria, but once my coach was there to tell my my technique was okay and to have him to help advise me, I am feeling much more prepared to race. He has a lot of great knowledge from his past experiences also he provides a little comic relief. More than anything very thankful that he could be here with me, and I am excited for him to race as well. 

How different do you think the race between the three American women will be from the Olympic Trials now that you will all basically walk your own races.

At Olympic Trials, off the course we are all friends, we really connect well together, but we all knew that there was one spot  to make the Olympic team with us all only having a B standard, and we  were all willing to push to new limits for that spot. It was honestly, every person for themselves that day. It's sad to look back and think that, but Race Walking, let alone track and field is an individual sport a majority of the time. 

The great part about being here at the World Championships is that we are all competing not only for ourselves individually, but also for Team USA. This is when it is more than an individual sport. This is the side that most people forget about.  It is a huge honor to represent our country, and we will work together when we can, before, and during the race, to encourage one another to have their best performance. We all have our own competitive mindset, but we still want to help one another. We had a great practice run of this at the USA outdoor nationals for track and field. We all worked together through out the race, handing one another water or sponges, and taking turns leading different laps. I think we will get another great chance at working together at this race. 

I am happy to be on this trip with Maria and Erin because even when the race is all said and done, we will all still be friends, we will still respect one another as athletes and as individuals

What else would you like to say?

I just always want to thank all my supporters out there. My family and friends, my community. Of course I want to thank Tim and my TEAM mates for everything they do. I want to thank all the people who have helped me with the ups and downs of this year, both medically/physically and emotionally. When you dedicate so much of yourself to one thing, such as this, it is so great to have so many people who believe in you and support you through the good and bad. I am a truly lucky and blessed person. 

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