2017 Men's 50km 2017 IAAF World Championships "London, England" Page 8 of 13

This only about an hour to go in the race, the gold was pretty well in Diniz's control. If he didn't faulter, no one was catching him. The race for silver and bronze was shaping up to be the excitement. Six men still battled as a group. A rematch from Rio with Canada and Dunfee duking it out? Who else would step out of the pack and make a move?

The trailing pack was still quite crowded.

The trailing pack was still quite crowded.

Every place matters as those out of medal contention still fight for position.

Diniz operating like a cold, mechanical (yet graceful) machine.

It wouldn't be long before Diniz had a French flag!

The cameras were on Diniz.

The chase pack leaving the Palace.

The view that everyone saw of Diniz.

Even in the shade, the kilometers have beaten up the athletes.

Arai and Kobayashi work together.

Dunfee would have better days.

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