2017 Men's 50km 2017 IAAF World Championships "London, England" Page 6 of 13

By halfway, Dinitz had a commanding lead, just one second shy of 3 minutes. The chase pack had dropped to 8 people including: Claudio Villanueva, Aleksi Ojala, Wei YU, Andres Chocho, Evan Dunfee, Hirooki Arai, Kai Kobayashi, Havard Haukenes, Horacio Nava. Many more trailed in striking distance of the pack and the race as we know was still very early!

Carl Dohmann and Joao Vieira

Mathieu Bilodeau

Diniz cruising past the Palace.

Francisco Arcilla

Anders Hansson

Ronal Quispe

Alejandro Francisco Florez

Wei Yu

Havard Haukenes

Artur Mastianica

Satoshi Maruo

Horacio Nava

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