2016 Men's 20km Race Walk Olympics 8/12/2016 "Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil" Page 3 of 19

Watching a race walk from the middle of the course often makes it difficult to get a sense of pace. Instead, one tends to judge people by relative pace. Great Brittan's Bosworth appeared to be hammering it forward, even though he looked relaxed. I was suprised that his pace wasn't quicker, but the field continued to play the race conservatively.

Smaller packs formed behing the lead pack, all at a blistering pace.

As you can see in the background, the judges were busy early. While there were a few blatent bend knees from the crowd, again I was shocked at the number of bent knee calls especially this early in a 20km.

Ukraine's Igor Glavan leading his own pack.

Likewise is teammate Nazar Kovalenko.

Slovakia's Anton Kucmin on his 3rd lap.

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