2016 Men's 20km Race Walk Olympics 8/12/2016 "Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil" Page 8 of 19

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Bosworth wasn't done though, he regained his lead coming through 10km in 40:10 dropping under 4:00 per km.

Bosworth pulled over 5 seconds ahead of 2nd and was looking unstopable

China's Zelin Cai was in 6th at 40:22.

Gomez, Wang, and Bird-Smith held the lead pack at bay.

Dunfee coming through halfway in 40:23, still very much in the hunt.

No one was willing to give Bosworth a free path to victory and the pack caught him again.

By 16km the Chinese machine was taking over, with Wang and Cai positioning for medal contention.

Dane Bird-Smith was a 1/2 step behind them.

Cooling off at the water stop.

The chase pack is ready to pounce.

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