2012 US Olympic Trials - Men's 50km Race Walk Photo Story

20k or so through the race, nothing really had changed. However, that wouldn't be the status quo for much longer.

Settling into the race Mannozzi started to focus. He was lucky it be racing at all as he was very sick Friday night.

Walking alone Alvarez continued to maintain good form and turnover. The 50K is a long way, perhaps he knew better.

Seaman quickly caught back up to the lead pack

The race was turning into a traditional international 50K with all the contenders waiting it out.

Grampa Sharp and James continue working as a team

Taylor-Talcott walked by herself with Manazzi shadowing her most of the way. Unfortunately, her husband Dave had to drop out earlier.

Nunn and Shorey taking their turn in the front

Alvarez walking along

The lead pack coming around the far turn.

The pack showed no sign of flinching

James still hamming it up

Talyor-Talcott was all business

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