2012 US Olympic Trials - Men's 50km Race Walk Photo Story

Passing 20K the race started to get interesting. The war of attrition was heating up.

Well off the pace, but content to be walking
his pace Mannozzi continues pressing.

Alvarez also battles by himself

Clearly all five in the lead pack came to compete to obtain the title of Olympian.
Given the lack of A standard qualifiers it was an all or nothing proposition.

Still walking well, James and Sharp

Taylor-Talcott with an intense focus

Nunn dropped off for a bit, I believe having taken a bathroom break.
Remember, this is the longest footrace in the Olympic Games!

Cordero and Shorey pacing side by side shortly before Codero falls off pace

Our pack coming around the start finish line, but missing one competitor.
The war of attrition took it's first victim in Codero.

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