2012 US Olympic Trials - Men's 50km Race Walk Photo Story

Early in the race, there wasn't much movement in position or status. Given the length of the 50K most people probably felt as Erin Taylor-Talcott said, "having brakes on." This of course is necessary to have enough left in the tank to go 8K farther than the marathon.

Stroupe taking fluids and gels early, a necessary key in the 50K.

The fan support was great, with teams of fans rooting for each athlete

The lead pack continued to rotate position, but everyone was content to stay together

James and Sharp cruising together.

Taylor-Talcott enjoying her precident setting race

The "Italian Stallion" working the crowd, or at least me

Taylor-Talcott cruising along

Stroupe working through the aid station

Shorey refueling as well

The key to the 50K is to balance exertion with nutrition

An early break in the pack, Seaman drops off when he hit the porta potty

Codero joins the rest of the pack tanking up

Seaman sucking it down

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