2004 Olympic Race Walking Photo Story

Veteran Tim Berrett of Canada was not having a particularly good day.

However, he was walking better than Clausen, who at one point slowed to an 11:30 2K split.

Back to our lead pack, errr pack?  What pack, Korzeniowksi decided it was time to race and dropped the hammer.  The next 5K was walked in a blinding 21:15 leaving all but Deakes in the dust. They duo finished 35K in a time of 2:32:12.

With the gold and silver medals pulling away, it seemed like the battle for the bronze would be between Nizhegorodov and Caohong.  However, Nizhegorodov continued to look uncomfortable and the walkers still had over 10K to go with the course heating up.

While Dunn was no threat to take a medal, his plan of consistent walking was paying off. Dunn was accelerating and moving through the fading walkers with ease.


Just as it looked like we would have a battle for 1st, surprisingly Deakes as disqualified.  Leaving Korzeniowksi alone at the front, Korzeniowsky had to realize he had the gold wrapped up.  With no other contenders to challenge him, would Korzeniowksi coast to another gold medal or would he risk it for an Olympic or a Gold Medal? 

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