2004 Olympic Race Walking Photo Story

While Korzeniowksi continued to push hard, his pace did slow a bit.  He came through 40K at 21:20 for a time of 2:53:42 and then slowed to 22:06 coming through 45K at 3:15:48. Had Korzeniowksi continued dropping the hammer, he might have broken the Olympic Record.

Denis Langlois of France was one of 8 walkers to DNF.

Although walking strong, Jefferson Perez never appeared to be a threat.

With the rate of attrition at the front of the race so high, the next question was whether or not Nizhegorodov  could hang on to the Silver Medal.

Looking good for the bronze was China's Cahong Yu.

Philip continued to press on, averaging about a minute faster than Curt for the last few K, he was catching up to his training partner quickly.


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