2004 Olympic Race Walking Photo Story

Approximately just past 20K another shakeup hit the lead pack, Germany's Andreas Erm dropped off the pace. It may have been to attempt to appease the judges after receiving cautions or red cards, because later he was disqualified.  As the pack thinned the intensity continued to increase and of course so did the pace.  Our leaders hit the next 5K in 21:24 and reached the halfway mark at 1:49:18.  While the pace was fast, they were not on World (3:35:29) or Olympic Record (3:38:29) pace. However, remember, 50Ks at this level are walked with negative splits, so certainly the Olympic Record was still within reach.

As each walker faded off the lead pack, Voyevodin and Garcia worked together to pass them by.

Try as he would, unfortunately it appeared that is wasn't going to be Curt Clausen's day.  His brief stint of negative splits reversed itself and Clausen slowed lap after lap. Finally, the lead pack swallowed him up and kept marching forward.

Meanwhile, teammate Philip Dunn's plan seemed to be working.  Holding just under 10:10 per 2K loop, Dunn started to pass walkers as they slowed down from their quick start.

Both Korzeniowksi and Deakes check there watches.  The 5K split from 35K to 20K had actually slowed by 4 seconds to 21:29, bringing them through 30K in 2:10:57.

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