2004 US 50km Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

The first two laps of the race proved uneventful, as walkers mainly settled into their packs. However, as a foreshadowing of things to come, Heppner chose to walk on a different tangent line than the pack. Heppner had his own plan and was going to execute it. (On a personal note, Heppner looked great early in the race. I looked at still and video images and was impressed with how good he looked.)

Not much changed further back , with Dave “Double D” Doherty working to maintain the pace. Dave Mc Govern and Gary Morgan continued to keep him in their sites.

The remainder of the pack followed behind. Shorey lead him Kissinger, Soucheck, Quirk, and Bhera.

By 4K the race had settled in and the splits were as follows:

  1. Al Heppner, 19:22
  2. Curt Clausen, 19:22
  3. Tim Seaman, 19:23
  4. Sean Albert, 19:24
  5. Philip Dunn, 19:24
  6. David Doherty, 20:41
  7. Dave McGovern, 20:49
  8. Gary Morgan, 21:07
  9. Theron Kissinger, 21:37
  10. Ben Shorey, 21:37
  11. Steve Quirk, 22:05
  12. Nicholas Bdera, 22:05
  13. John Soucheck, 22:05

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