2004 US 50km Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

From 4K to 8K little eventful happened. The walkers just cruised along, trying to expend as little enery as possible. While they call it a 50K, many say that the 50K race doesn't start until 40K. Unlike most 50K's this 50K had squads of cheerleaders energizing the racers! Hell they energized the specators as well.

All good racers know, refueling is key. Our 50K guys knew it well. Each racer had their support staff on hand assisting with the walkers every need. Elite Racing was generous enough to provide individualized shirts for each racer. Team Clausen, Team Dunn, etc. shirts were abound everywhere.

However, by 10K, things started to happen, at least at least at the lead pack. In a surprising, bold and couragous move, Al Heppner makes a break for the pack and goes out alone. About the same time, defending champion Curt Clausen fades a bit.

By 10K the splits were as follows:

  1. Al Heppner, 48:02
  2. Sean Albert, 48:10
  3. Tim Seaman, 48:12
  4. Philip Dunn, 48:12
  5. Curt Clausen, 48:20
  6. David Doherty, 52:11
  7. Dave McGovern, 52:14
  8. Theron Kissinger, 52:14
  9. Ben Shorey, 53:59
  10. Steve Quirk, 55:13
  11. Gary Morgan, 55:40
  12. Nicholas Bdera, 55:42
  13. John Soucheck, 55:14

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