2002 USA 50km Race Walking Nationals Photo Story

John Nunn, only planning on 30K, walked his 30K PR and is looking strong. Meanwhile, the race seems to have drawn some spectators. As if Philip would notice, he is just eyeing his second 50K National title.


John Nunn

Hey,someone cares!

Philip Dunn

From 30 to 48K the race was fairly uneventful, at least from the spectators point of view. One by one most of the competitors stared hitting the wall. From the lead pack both Tim and Sean started to have some problems, but not Curt. Curt poured it on. Opening a 9 second gap at 48K he won by 1 minute and 4 seconds. Curt covered the last 2K in 9:05, while Philip covered it in 10:18. To spectators it looked as if Philip had crashed. Its a complement to Curt, because Philip walked a great race.

Curt Clausen, 1st Place, 3:58:55

Philip Dunn, 2nd Place, 3:59:59

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