2002 USA 50km Race Walking Nationals Photo Story

Curt and Philip sharing a moment, while Tim is finishing up in third with a time of 4:07:43. While everyone is talking about Curt's surgery, less publicity has gone to Tim and his efforts after surgery of his own. Good job Tim! No surgery for Sean, he just finishes his 1st 50K in 4th and a time of 4:09:58.

Curt and Philip

Tim Seaman, 3rd Place, 4:07:43

Sean Albert, 4th Place, 4:09:58

Al Heppner was next across the line in 5th, with a time of 4:11:18. Meanwhile, Curt enjoys his favorite part of the race. We experience some technical difficulties with the cameras for the next few finishers, but I guess it was better than some race walk web reporters that appeared to dissappear shortly after the rain started.

Albert Heppner, 5th Place, 4:11:18

Those are some wore soles

Where are the people

6th place was Theron Kissinger, still smiling (although I missed it on film), with a time of 4:26:41.
7th place was Steve Quirke, his first 50K and the youngest walker in the race, with a time of 4:38:08
1st women and new world best, Susan Armenta, with a time of 4:39:39.
8th place was John Souchek, with about a 20 second PR, in a time of 4:42:59.

With technical difficulties fixed, we were able to get photos of the last two walkers as they crossed the line. Rod bared the rain and broke 5 hours, great going. In a post race interview, Bill explained the motivation for his finishing. He said that when your are married and you travel to races you have no choice but to finish. Maybe I need to get married and I can finish a 50K.

Photo missing :(
Rod Craig, 9th place, 4:59:19

Bill Vayo, 10th place, 5:21:21

That's all we have. Hope you enjoyed it. If you want to see great race walking like this to continue, please support Elaine Wards efforts in raising money for Enrique Pena. Your help can make the difference!

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