Stella Cashman could have the most unique How I Became a Race Walker story. Previously, a recreational runner, Cashman was injured when a horse fell on her. She never fully recovered. Sensing that race walking was a better way to go, she has been involved with our sport for nearly two decades. She began by responding to a promotion for a race walk competition. Cashman was instantly hooked. Reaching her peak at the World Veteran Games in Australia in 1987, she earned a bronze medal for the 10K race walk with a time of 57:30.

After becoming New York City’s premier race walk promoter, Cashman gave up competing and focused on helping others as a judge, coach, and race director. She has been the Metropolitan Athletic Congress Race Walking Chair for over a decade.

Cashman’s club, the Park Race Walkers, consists of 50 race walkers at all levels and age groups. If you reside in the New York area and are interested in joining, contact them at (212) 628-1317 or


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