2013 IAAF World Chamnpionships - Moscow, Russia - Men's 20km Photo Story

Vitaliy Anichkin
Finishing 41st from Hungary is Mate Helebrandt in 1:28:49

Arnis Rumbenieks
Finishing 42nd from Latvia is Arnis Rumbenieks in 1:29:13

Federico Tontodonati
Finishing 43rd from Italy is Federico Tontodonati in 1:29:26

Francisco Arcilla
Finishing 44th from Spain is Francisco Arcilla in 1:29:38

Vitaliy Anichkin
Finishing 45th from Kazakhstan is Vitaliy Anichkin in 1:30:02

Juan Manuel Cano
Finishing 46th from Argentina is Juan Manuel Cano in 1:30:45

Anibal Paau
Finishing 47th from Guatemala is Anibal Paau in 1:30:54

Finishing 48th from Belirus is Dzianis Simanovich in 1:31:52

Andrey Ruzavin
Finishing 49th from Russia is Andrey Ruzavin in 1:32:45

Rhydian Cowley
Finishing 50th from Australia is Rhydian Cowley in 1:33:35

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