2009 Penn Relays - Kayak Race - Photo Story

Of course, the real reason people come to the Penn Relays is the annual kayak race between the youngins and the oldsters. This year it was a seven on seven battle, with each team reorganizing their paddlers based on the race's progress. It started as a dead heat, with neither team getting an edge.

Chrissie and John in the early stages.

Tom and Lauren matching strokes.

Jeff and Chris after the elder team showed technique beats muscle.

We knew that once the race broke the cheaters would appear. Lauren attempted to run interference and somehow ended up in the lake. THREE TIMES. Man did she stink!

Allen coasting to victory over Marcus. After the race Allen was quoted as stating this was more rewarding than qualifying for the Olympics.
OK, he didn't say that, but that's only because we don't give out great gear and offer free travel.

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