2004 Olympic Men's 20km Race Walking Photo Story

This is the first Olympic race walk I have had the pleasure to witness. With the poor attendance at many venues I worried that the race walk would be poorly attended. However, the fans of race walking appear to be stronger here in Greece than the fans of many of the other events. Unlike the half empty stadiums for other events, the streets for the race walk course were lined with fans. For their reward, the fans of race walking were paid with an exciting race that was a battle to the end.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the start of the race on the track, because it would have taken too long to get from the track to the actual race course, so the coverage will start at roughly 1K into the course.

The lead pack came around the turn and downhill onto the course like a stampede. The sea of bodies charged forward with the two Chinese walkers, Hongiun Zhu(1389) and Yucheng Han(1346) leading the herd.

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