2002 USA 50km Race Walking Nationals Photo Story

By about 16K Bill and Jeff apply their patented time/space warp technology and are racing ahead of the lead pack.

Jeff going by John and Curt

Bill and Jeff with Philip and Sean

Unfortunately for Jeff, a bunch of aliens noticed the temporal distortions and decided to check out what was going on earth. So at about 19 & 1/2 K, the skies opened up and Jeff was zapped into the mother ship. Darelene Hickman, in a candid interview with said, "It was the most amazing thing she ever saw". After the aliens were done with Jeff, they transported him back, but getting into the transported Jeff banged his knee and was out of the race. Bill glad to get away without being zapped, goes for a refueling. Dave on the other hand looks like he may have been a victim of the aliens himself. Indeed shortly after this he mysteriously disappeared from the race course.

Dave, what else can I say

Jeff nursing his knee with Gina.

Bill the sole caboose
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