Race Walking Training

Track Lengths

Meters or miles, that is the question.  When developing the training section, I faced the difficult decision of whether to use miles or meters.  I chose to go with the most natural distance for each workout type.  Since interval workouts usually occur on the track, I developed them with meters.  Since distance workouts typically take place on roads, I used miles.

So 400 meters = 1.094 * 400 = 437.6 Yards



One final note on track lengths. Walking in any lane but the 400-meter lane results in a distance different from 400 meters.  At almost all tracks, with the exception of Franklin Field in Philadelphia, the first lane is the 400-meter lane.  Ideally, you should train in that lane.  However, if you cannot, be aware that each time you shift one lane over, you walk nearly an additional eight meters per lap.  The chart below lists meters and yards for one lap at each lane.

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