Race Walking Training

Proper Race Walking Shoes

Want to know a little secret? There are no perfect race-walking shoes.  Usually, you can find a nearly perfect shoe, and that will suffice.  Below are four almost perfect shoes. The New Balance 110 is actually a race walking shoe.  The New balance 713 is a runner’s training shoe, while the Asics Tiger Paw is a well-established runner’s racing shoe. The fourth shoe, made to order by Bart Hersey, represents a significant financial investment for the average race walker.  However, many elite athletes prefer the superb fit, durability, and individualized design of this shoe. 

Pick your shoe by the characteristics decribed over the next few pages and,tailor them to meet specific needs.

You can also use a current list of recommended shoes:

1.       Asiscs – Gel DS Racer
2.       Asics – Gel Hyper Speed 7
3.       Mizuno Wave Ekiden
4.       Mizuno – Hitogami
5.       Brooks – T7 Racer



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