Race Walking Training

More Leg Exercises


This exercise is best performed on a machine, one leg at a time. With few exceptions, most machines are similar in structure to the one shown below. Higher-quality equipment usually allows you to adjust the seat and leg roller; set them so you situate your knee on the axis of the machine, with the ankle just below the leg roller


  1. Keeping your thigh pressed against the machine, curl your leg, pulling your heels inwards so the leg roller approaches your buttocks as shown.
  2. Remember to exhale as you raise the weight..
  3. Complete the exercise by lowering your leg back to its original position while inhaling.
  4. Always maintain contact between the roller and your leg as you execute the lift, as well as maintain control of the weight.
  5. Complete all repetitions for each set with one leg before starting the repetitions for the other leg

Complete all repetitions of the set with the first leg before beginning repetitions for the second leg.

Keep control while raising the weight. Do not bounce the leg roller ahead of your leg.

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