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Adding Stretching As a Treatment
When the origin of pain problems stems from lack of flexibility, adding area-specific stretches to the RICE treatment often helps. A muscle strain may occur in any of the major muscle groups. The treatment for each group is the same: RICE and lots of stretching.

Shin Splints
Shin splints occur when the balance in the lower leg muscles is disrupted by either tightness or weakness. While the weakness resides in the muscles at the front of the leg, the pain is usually felt in the shin or tibia bone. In addition to RICE, include the following stretches in your recovery: Traditional Calf Stretch, Bent Leg Calf Stretch, Standing Shin Stretch and the Seated Shin Stretch. To reduce recurrence, practice the Walking on Your Heels exercise.

Heel Pain
Heel pain often occurs at the back of your heel where the calf muscle attaches to the heel as the Achilles tendon. This pain may extend to the botton of the heel and into the arch of the foot. In addition to RICE, stretch the calf muscles using the Traditional Calf Stretch and the Bent Leg Calf Stretch. Lack of arch support is a leading cause, so avoid walking barefoot. Finally, adding a support to the arch and heel in the shoe is helpful.


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