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1020 Grand Concourse, 15X
New York, NY US 10451

Contact Person:
Lon Wilson

718 588 0441



Additional Info:
Founded in April, 1979 by Jake Jacobson and Lon Wilson to conduct FREE Healthwalking and Racewalking classes in Central Park, New York City.

The NYWC is dedicated to serving the community by promoting physical fitness through healthwalking, racewalking, and other events. The club is geared to the needs of its members. All proceeds from the events and membership fees are used to support and develop the innovative programs and classes conducted by the NYWC.

Healthwalking is more dynamic and athletic than ordinary fitness walking. It turns a walk into a workout and raises your heart rate while abundantly burning calories and working most of the body’s muscle groups.

Racewalking has been an Olympic Sport since 1908 and offers an alternative footrace to those competitive-minded individuals.

You will learn the techniques and refinements of both disciplines from our experienced coaches. Walking is THE activity that most physicians and fitness experts are recommending today!

  • it’s great for a beginner’s introduction to exercise.
  • more experienced walkers improve fitness levels
  • runners can benefit from great cross training
  • those more competitive will learn a new sport

Classes consist of warm-ups, walking techniques and workouts, cool-downs and many tips on how to train yourself into great shape.

To learn more, contact us.

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