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4000 Baughman Grant
New Albany, OH 43054

Contact Person:
Dr. Philip Heit

(614) 939-9724


Additional Info:
A club dedicated to promoting walking for health and competition. Whether you want to walk for competition or recreation, you will find your niche with us.

The New Albany Walking Club was established in 2003 by Phil Heit. Phil had been running marathons for over thirty years. He also had been very active in the running community, having directed a number of major races throughout Central Ohio . After many years of running took its toll on his knees, Phil began to walk. He noticed that he could derive the same benefits walking as he could through running. Among these benefits were endurance training, speed workouts, racing, and time goals. The physical, mental, and social benefits also became evident. Thus, the idea of a club for walkers was conceived.


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