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5400 Wyndemere Common Square
Swartz Creek, MI US 48437

Contact Person:
Jan and Jerry




Additional Info:

Our Mission:

  • To promote racewalking for both competition and personal fitness
  • To teach technique and training methods
  • To work with other groups in our community
  • To socialize and have fun!

A Racewalking Club in Mid-Michigan
In 1991 Jan and Jerry Barber of Swartz Creek became interested in racewalking.  Along with some friends they engaged the services of a professional coach, and the Urban Walkers Club was born. Throughout the year "informal" walks are held in various neighborhoods to socialize and add miles to our logbooks.  Our competitive walkers are seen at most of the races around the state.  We have a quarterly newsletter, social gatherings, and out of town junkets.

All are Welcome!

  • Are you a fitness walker who wants to turn your "power walking" into a smooth, efficient gait that can elevate you to new levels of fitness?
  • Do you have a competitive streak and want to enter some races where the entrants won't be numbered in the hundreds (or thousands)? 
  • Want to meet some really nice folks, Gen-X to Seniors, from all sorts of backgrounds?


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