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P.O. Box 19414
Kalamazoo, MI US 49009-0414

Contact Person:
Bill Reed

(616) 329-0332



Additional Info:
Kalamazoo Valley Walkers Club (KVW) was established in 1991 to support walkers in southwest Michigan. We are fitness walkers, competitive racewalkers and hikers. We sponsor racewalk programs, fitness walk programs, and other events. Our members host neighborhood walks and hikes that are open to the public.

Kalamazoo Valley Walkers (KVW) invites you to walk with us. Subscribe to our Walking Buddies email list (on this web page) to stay informed about upcoming walking events.

Every step we take together can influence others to walk for wellness and fitness.

Walk with A Purpose. Join KVW!

Purpose of Kalamazoo Valley Walkers

The Kalamazoo Valley Walkers Club is simply an organized group of individuals who enjoy various forms of walking and wish to promote walking. Established in 1991, the club offers walkers of all types opportunities to enjoy walking and expand their interest in and ability to walk with others throughout the year.

KVW seeks to:

  • Help walkers achieve and maintain fitness for good health
  • Offer racewalkers competitive challenges and ways to improve their speed and technique
  • Provide information for those who walk to raise awareness for charities, political, or social issues
  • Support social aspects of walking by offering the opportunity to form new friendships.

The KVW seeks to be an advocate for walkers of all types. The club does not discriminate based on age, occupation, race, religion, sex, or any other factor. It does however, seek to foster walking rather than jogging, running, or other pedestrian forms.

Benefits of Joining the Kalamazoo Valley Walkers

We partner with community organizations to promote walking for health: Walking Together of Greater Kalamazoo, Michigan Senior Olympics, Borgess Run for the Health of It, and more. KVW annually conducts 10-week Winter Walk Classes (racewalking & fitness walking) at the Portage Family YMCA on Sundays beginning in January. We manage the 5K judged Racewalk, sanctioned by USA Track & Field, USATF, at the Borgess Run in April.

KVW informs members and non-members (Walking Buddies email list) via email newsletter and the website about walking activities sponsored by the club and other organizations. The website and email promotions announces upcoming racewalks, fitness walks and other walks for charity or to support political or social awareness.

KVW creates walking, training and social opportunities throughout the entire year. The club promotes and sponsors walking activities such as judged racewalks, unjudged fitness walks and special purpose awareness walks. It also sponsors neighborhood walks and social events. We also are advocates to increase the walkability of our community.

We invite you to join us.


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