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PO Box 1302
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

Contact Person:
Jack Bates




Additional Info:
The Indiana Racewalkers' Club was formed in 1989 and has a stated mission to promote and train people in the sport of race walking. As a club, we are interested in providing all levels of walkers the opportunity to learn how great race walking is.

Our aim is show people how enjoyable race walking can be and to highlight its obvious positive effect on one's health. Although our members like to try their best, our club is definitely not comprised of only elite competitors. We encourage our members to compete is races. Whether you are competing against yourself or someone else racing is a tremendous motivator. We have race walkers at recreation, world class, and all levels between as club members.

The Indiana Racewalkers' Club is one of the nation's largest race walking clubs. There are larger walking clubs but most focus on fitness walking or hiking. The IRC focuses only on race walking. The club currently has, and over the years had many nationally recognized competitors. We are proud of our members' accomplishments but that is just one aspect of the club's mission. Our goal is to promote and teach people about the sport of race walking. Race walking is a technical sport and takes effort to learn. We welcome anyone, at any fitness level, who is interested in learning how to race walk.

Many runners plagued with injuries have extended their competitive careers by switching to race walking. Race walking reduces the impact on your joints (primarily, knees, hips, and ankles) compared to running because there is no flight phase (both feet off the ground) during your stride. We love our running brethren and never would discourage anyone from running but race walking, done properly, utilized about 95% of the body's muscle groups whereas running utilizes about 65%.

If you are interested in trying out race walking we allow non-members to attend up to 3 of our weekly workouts to see if you catch the bug. After the trial period you must become a member to continue training with us.

Member Benefits

Frequent Communication

  • Newsletters
  • Web site with up to date Race walking information

Social events

  • Summer picnic
  • Awards ceremony and Christmas party

Library of training materials (books and tapes) for club members to check out

Training advice

Weekly club sponsored workouts

Club member only races

Race Walk clinics with nationally known race walk instructors

Great looking club gear available at reasonable prices

Discounts on tech gear from Indianapolis area stores

  • Runners Forum, Carmel
    15% (cash and checks) on regularly priced gear and 10% on credit cards purchases
  • Athletic Annex, Indianapolis
    15% (cash and checks) on regularly priced gear and 10% on credit cards purchases
  • The Running Company, Indianapolis and Fishers
    15% (cash and checks) on regularly priced gear and 10% on credit cards purchases

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