How to Race - Race Preparation


Traveling to a race is always a hassle. Just ask the high-school teams from Maine. They drive everywhere, often showing up in the wee hours of race day morning, a very ill advised resting strategy.

Try leaving yourself plenty of time to get to a race relaxed, but not so far in advance that you sit around a hotel room for days going out of your mind. Ideally, I like to arrive two nights before the race. This gives me one full day to serve as a buffer if there are any travel problems, or relax if there are none.

If you travel by plane, be careful of dehydration. Bring bottled water with you on the trip and drink constantly. Also, remember to stretch whenever the opportunity arises. Always request the exit row of a plane. Your legs will thank you for the extra room. Carrying baggage may be an issue as well. First and foremost, never check your essential equipment. Carry it on. If the airlines lose your luggage, you don’t want to be searching for a new pair of racing shoes the day of the race. Also, try to use luggage with built-in wheels, and take care with loading and unloading. If you carry too much luggage, your shoulders are sure to cramp in the race.


If you drive to the race, remember you still face the issues of dehydration, stretching, and carrying your luggage, just to a lesser extent.

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