Bev LaVeck was like many people who became infatuated with running. While she enjoyed the aerobic benefits of running, her experience with stress fractures and other running related injuries caused her to seek another activity. Fortunately, LaVeck lived in the Seattle area, where race walking was very visible. Not only did the local running magazine always have an article on it, but weekly clinics were given by Martin Rudow and Dean Ingram.

After attending one of these clinics in 1980, LaVeck was hooked. Shortly after becoming an avid Masters race walk competitor (winning many Master’s national and international titles) she started giving back to the sport, teaching instructional clinics as well as officiating. Currently a Master’s level judge in race walking, she is best known for her tireless efforts in promoting and recording Master’s race walking. LaVeck maintains the official USA Master’s race walking records, the USA Master’s single age bests, and the race walk marks for the World Master’s Athletics.


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