2013 IAAF World Chamnpionships - Moscow, Russia - Photo Story

Tim Seaman
Tim Seaman

How does it feel to be still competing at a World Championship at 41 years old?
I feel very excited to still be competing at the World Championships at my age.  I worked pretty hard this year and I had a smart race at Nationals, and it was really unexpected.  That said, when I was younger, I didn’t appreciate the opportunities as much as I do now.  I am really excited to see all of these track and field stars that are here and I am learning something for all of them.  

How does it feel to have your athletes (Miranda and Maria) racing along side you?
I am really excited to have Maria and Miranda here also. It is the first World Championships or Olympics that I have been a part of that I have also had athletes competing while I am also competing.  I am super happy their race is after mine!  The only thing that I am disappointed about is that my wife Rachel isn’t here with us, but after the baby I know that she is going to come back very strong.  

How many World Championships have you been to (including this one?)
This is my 5th World Champinships.

What is the difference to you in making a World Championship team from making the Olympics or World Cup? How does each differ?

World Cups are really nice because they are only racewalkers,, but being on a World Championships team is very special because you have all of the track and field stars around you in all of the events.  You see these athletes on TV all of the time, and for the past 6 years, I have just watched them and wished that I was here.  It is great to be back with them again.  As far as the Olympics go, nothing compares.  All sports.  All events.  All of the best athletes in America.  Once an Olympian, Always an Olympian.

What are your goals for this race as an athlete? as a coach?
My goals as an athlete are to do better than I have ever done at the World Championships.  I feel that I am in good shape and if the weather holds off just a bit, I will be good to go.  As a coach, I think that Maria and Miranda are in solid shape.  We hit a few bumps in the road this season, especially with Miranda getting hit by a bike and breaking 4 ribs.  That set us back a bit, but she had a great 6 x 2km session last week.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  Maria is doing well also.  With her training in NYC in 85+ degree temps the past few weeks its hard to tell exactly what kind of shape she is in, but Maria is a Championship Athlete.  What that means is that she rises to the occasion when it matters the most, kind of like Curt Clausen used to do.  It is a lot of fun.

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