2013 IAAF World Chamnpionships - Moscow, Russia - Photo Story

John Nunn
John Nunn

How many World Championship teams is this?
second worlds champs. 2005 and 2013

How does it differ to compete at a World Championship from the Olympics?
It’s a smaller event for sure, but still quite an honor to be apart of the World's number 1 track team. 

What are your goals in the race?
Training has been going well and im hoping to do the best I can

How do you feel your preparation has gone?
Coach Pena and I have both been very pleased with how training has gone over the past couple months. No complaints.

Does it feel strange to be the sole American in the 50K?
It doesn't feel strange to be the sole American. I was the only American in London last year and I do a lot of my training on my own. many lonely hours and I have gotten use to it and had decent success from it. I’m ready.

Anything else you want to say?
It is fun to race on the same course that my coach did in the 1980 Olympics when he did the 20k and the 50k representing Colombia.

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