2013 IAAF World Chamnpionships - Moscow, Russia - Men's 20km Photo Story

Anton Kucmin
Finishing 21st from Slovokia is Anton Kucmin in 1:24:38

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Finishing 22nd from Chili is Yerko Araya in 1:24:42

Ato Ibanez
Finishing 23rd from Sweden is Ato Ibáñez in 1:24:49

Alvaro Martin
Finishing 24th from Spain is Álvaro Martín in 1:25:12

Marius Ziukas
Finishing 25th from Lithuania is Marius Žiukas in 1:25:17

Zelin Cai
Finishing 26th from China is Zelin Cai in 1:25:31

Hatem Ghoula
Finishing 27th from Tunisia is Hatem Ghoula in 1:25:41

Giorgio Rubino
Finishing 28th from Italy is Giorgio Rubino in 1:25:42

Bertrand Moulinet
Finishing 29th from France is Bertrand Moulinet in 1:16:12

Ivan Losev
Finishing 30th from Ukraine is Ivan Losev in 1:26:32

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