2017 Women's 20km 2017 IAAF World Championships "London, England" Page 3 of 10

The lead pack came through 5K in 22:22, but shortly after, they significantly picked up the pace and dropped the group down to 10 walkers.

The rest of the pack couldn't sustain the pace.

All looked strong, I'm not sure you could say if the leaders were in charge or the followers were simply laying in wait.

As each lap went by more women dropped off the pace.

Michta-Coffee wasn't in contention for a medal, but was racing strong and on pace to walk the fastest time ever for a USA woman at the IAAF World Championshps.

Melville wasn't conceding anything locked in one-on-one battle.

Tunisia's Chahinez Nasri was showing the pain in her face early.

Ching, Bridge, and Tallent coming through.

Kazhakstan's Polina Repina wasn't looking to happy either.

In contrast, the lead pack looked relaxed and in control.

Maria Perez of Spain and Nadiya Borovska of the Ukraine

Observe Sanchez (ultimately DQ'd) look how high she carries her foot. Thatís not efficient and can lead to legality issues. The judges clearly agree with me in critiquing her form.

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